Yom Teruah Decor Ideas

Yom Teruah Decor Ideas

Happy almost Yom Teruah! As I am writing to you, Yom Teruah is three days away! I finally finalized my decorations, and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you get some ideas either for your Yom Teruah decor or any other time you have a celebration!

Yom Teruah Banner

I created this banner with card stock and strung it up with some yarn that my sister gave me. I hand drew the letters on the card stock with a sharpie and hung it up over the fireplace. 

Yom Teruah Banner
Close up on Yom Teruah Banner
Yom Teruah banner over the fireplace

Eucalyptus Tablescape

I love using things that I already have and if I need to, I will supplement with a few extra things. So, I bought the fake eucalyptus and the two white pillar candles from Walmart for $16. I love having white pillar candles on my table for all the High Holidays, so they will be used for a long time. 

Eucalyptus tablescape Yom Teruah decor ideas

I got the menorah and the shofar from Etsy a year ago. It’s a vintage menorah that can screw apart, as a result, tapered candles tip at an angle, but I love this menorah just the same! I love that its vintage, and I find that it looks nice with the candles and the eucalyptus. 

Overview of the table

I got the ram’s horn shofar a while ago…I still don’t know how to blow it. But I’m learning!  In the meantime its great Yom Teruah decor.

And the dishes and silverware are from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Final tablescape shot

I hope whatever you decide to do for Yom Teruah,  you have a blessed and peaceful celebration! Shalom!

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4 thoughts on “Yom Teruah Decor Ideas”

  • I am so happy to find your blog. My family and I will be celebrating the Holy Feasts for the first time this year. I am still looking for a larger menorah. Ours is tiny. Excellent read and thank you for the information.

    • Thank you so much for reading, Jennifer! It’s so exciting that you and your family are starting to celebrate the High Holidays! It took me a second to find the right menorah, Etsy has so many options!

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