ByZipporah is a blog about what it means to live a Hebrew life. About how to follow the commandments, and ordinances of Yehovah the best way we can, through truthfully diving into the Scriptures, endeavoring to honor the Lord, more and more. There will be articles about studying the meaning behind the High Holidays, Sabbath, being a Hebrew, and walking in Torah every day.

We believe in following the Torah only and that it is the only true word of Yehovah. We believe that we are righteous through obeying the commandments of Elohim, as found in the Torah and Tankah.

We believe that Yehovah is our only savior, deliverer, and helper and that there is no one beside Him.

We believe that the Messiah will come soon, and build the third and final Temple.

We pray you are encouraged, challenged, and strengthen in your walk with the Lord and that we can help you along, as together, we live a Hebrew life one a day at a time.

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