Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? – Truth About Christmas (Part 3)

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? – Truth About Christmas (Part 3)

This is the final part in the Truth About Christmas Series (you can find previous posts here!).

Today we will discuss if Hebrews and followers of Christ should celebrate Christmas or if there are alternatives we should celebrate instead. 

Is Christmas a Christian Holiday?

Christianizing Christmas

Some Christians stick to the traditional Christian way of celebrating Christmas- with the focus being on the nativity scene, Jesus coming to earth, being with family, exchanging gifts, candlelight Church services, and dinner. Despite this, oftentimes Santa, his elves and reindeer, find a way to sneak themselves into the celebration. 

Christian observance of Christmas came from the desire to know as conclusively as possible the date of Christ’s birth. It is known that the early church did not celebrate the festival of Christmas, but later Church leaders sought the date of Christ’s birth. Which later brought forth an environment of assimilation of pagan customs and traditions into the Christian faith (New Advent “Christmas“). 

“The reason, then, why the fathers of the Church moved the January 6th celebration [of Epiphany(celebration of Christ’s deity to the Magi at his birth)] to December 25th was this, they say: it was the custom to the pagans to celebrate on the same December 25th the birthday of the Sun, and they lit lights then to exalt the day, and invited and admitted Christians to these rites. When, therefore, the teachers of the Church saw that the Christians inclined to this custom, figuring out a strategy, they set the celebration of the true Sunrise on this day, and ordered Epiphany to be celebrated on January 6th; and this usage they maintain to the present day along with the lighting of lights.”

Quoted from Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries by Ramsay MacMullen 1997 p. 155

Over the course of this series, we saw how very pagan the roots of Christmas really are. Many believe and know that Christmas is pagan, but believe that it really doesn’t matter. Favoring instead, to celebrate and fellowship with family in the name of Christ. Many believe that if they keep the focus of Christmas on Christ that it erases or nullifies the paganism of its roots. 

However, this holiday is not mentioned in the Bible, nor are we commanded to celebrate Christ’s birth by God. Therefore, we have no Biblical reason for its celebration, which leaves tradition and customs. Again, we covered how many of the beloved customs surrounding Christmas are deeply rooted in paganism, and how there were slowly transformed into Christian events. 

So that brings us to the final point – should we continue to celebrate Christmas even though it has pagan roots?

Alternatives to Christmas?

Should followers of Christ celebrate alternatives to Christmas or should we disregard this holiday altogether? 

I believe that followers of Christ should not celebrate Christmas, no matter how closely they try to stick to the traditional celebration, because the holiday is too rooted in paganism. Everyone knows that Christ was not born on Christmas day, but I believe that many still observe this day out of tradition and culture. We were all raised to celebrate and to look forward to this day. It’s hard to pull away from a beloved holiday, but I believe it is something that we should do if we are seeking truth and righteousness. 

The statement I heard all growing up in Church was “we have to keep Christ in Christmas”. However, after researching this topic, my family and I found that Christ was never in Christmas and we shouldn’t try to put him in it. God told us what holidays to celebrate – the seven High Holidays that occur in the spring and fall. Those are his blessed holy days, and on them, we meditate on scripture, worship Him, fellowship with friends and family, exchange gifts, and enjoy rest.

Instead of Christmas- celebrate instead, Christ’s birth at Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall, this is a time when he was most likely born. Celebrate with your family Hanukkah- it is also known as the festival of lights in the winter. This holiday celebrates the rededication of the Temple by the Maccabees and Jesus being the light of the world. 

Pray, read, and research the roots of Christmas and see truthfully where the Lord is leading you. Shalom. 

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